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How’s Life?


In the middle of doing reports after school. The thought of me wanting to write about how my working life is just came out. I’ve never updated about my “work” at twitter even ahhahaha~ because it’s different! what’s the difference? hmmm should I write it here?

Anyway, every time I post something here, I will definitely read it again in my next journey. Just to make sure that myself know how much I grow up and be thankful for what I have now… Ah thank you wordpress for being here with me the whole time :’) I also hope this post can make anyone be thankful for what they are and do right now…

So… actually, working is not my option after I graduated from university. All my passion and ambition is to study abroad. But… Allah knows my best and I never know, that working is also a good beginning for me to try after graduated…. I sent my CV and else to several schools and told to myself, any school is alright as long as Allah rida with it… how could I know if Allah rida or not? it was long ago, I always pray to have comfortable environment for me to work, after I got call from the school where I am today, I immediately set my other goals, I changed it… one of them is I want to work with ihsan (I want to work wholeheartedly because of Allah)…

So day by day had passed, after finished my 6 months contract (it was because I’ve never thought to continue my work but to chase my goal studying abroad hahha), I made another 6 months contract there…. Hoping that I could learn more from this school, because everyday is a new day for me…

At my first week, I remember that I couldn’t do anything hahhaha, that’s because I was placed in kindergarten, with zero experience I was blank… (I used to teach at kindergarten but that’s only for one day! for my class’ assignment!) I should change the diaper, I should put him to sleep, I should cut his nails. Like wow! I’ve never done it and here I should do it? to be honest, how tired I was at my first week, because I am a Special Needs Assistant who have to handle a really special kid… parents of special needs children must be really strong right? I appreciate them so much for their hard work to raise their children

Day by day had passed, I really enjoy working in the school where I am right now… The teachers really are nice and friendly, yes they are!

I am still having a question till now, how can they work so that long? will I do the same thing? maybe… only Allah knows my future ahead.

Never think that Allah puts aside all of your prayers to him… He knows best for you! even now, I would never feel disappointed to not get accepted for studying abroad. I feel so happy and grateful instead… Alhamdulillah… Seeing my friends uploaded the picture of sakura… snow… posted some beautiful pictures of where they are right now made me jealous of course! and that jealousy was turned into prayer and hope, wishing someday I can visit those countries…

May Allah gives us His rahmah to our journey…

when we went to city hall park

25 Feb 2019 / Senin
@Bandung, where my mafumafu-san serenade me with his voice hahaha

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